PAPIS: Virginia Prisoner Reentry Program
Grant Program Profile

Grant Program Name: PAPIS: Virginia Prisoner Reentry Program

Source of Funds:

State general funds

Amount Available:

Amount varies

Guidelines & Forms:
  • 2012 PAPIS Program Guide   PDF   DOC
  • PAPIS Evaluation Report Plan    XLS
  • PAPIS Grant Application Face Sheet   PDF   RTF
  • PAPIS Quarterly Progress Report   PDF   DOC

Purpose of Funds:

This program supports pre- and post-incarceration professional services and guidance that increase the opportunity for, and the likelihood of, successful reintegration into local society by incarcerated adult offenders. Since obtaining and retaining employment is a key element in the successful reintegration process, employment placement services is emphasized in the scope of service delivery by potential grant recipients.

Pre-release services are intended to prepare offenders for transition from incarceration to a normal life within the community. Jail pre-release services may include training, counseling, mentoring, tutoring, information and referral. Training focuses on job-hunting skills, budgeting, consumer skills, family relationships, transition expectations, and related areas of value to offenders soon to be released. Pre-release services in state correctional institutions include assisting prison staff in delivering the Department of Corrections’ Life Skills Program, and developing parole plans for difficult placement cases.

Post-release services are expected to address the specific needs of individual offenders after release from prisons or jails to help effect a successful reintegration into the community. Services include: assistance in job placement and career counseling; locating food, clothing and shelter; service referrals; and counseling services.

Program Goals:


Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants may be public or private nonprofit entities. There are currently nine reentry services providers supported by these funds. The state appropriation is stable at this time but, until the appropriation is expanded, this grant program is not open to any but the current service providers.

Match Requirements:


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Contact Information:

Grant Coordinator

Rebecca McNees

DCJS Grants Administration
1100 Bank Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804.786.4000
Fax: 804.786.7231


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