Training Courses Outlines

Private Investigator (02E) - 60 hours (excluding examination and practical exercises)

  1. Orientation
    1. Applicable sections of the Code of Virginia
    2. 6VAC20-171, Regulations Relating to Private Security Services
    3. Standards of professional conduct
    4. Ethics
    5. Signs of Terrorism

  2. Law - one practical exercise
    1. Basic law
    2. Legal procedures and due process
    3. Criminal and Civil law
    4. Evidence
    5. Legal privacy requirements

  3. General investigative skills - one practical exercise
    1. Tools and techniques
    2. Surveillance
    3. Research
    4. Interviewing

  4. Documentation - one practical exercise
    1. Report preparations
    2. Photography
    3. Audio recording
    4. General communication
    5. Courtroom testimony

  5. Types of investigations - one practical exercise
    1. Accident
    2. Insurance
    3. Background
    4. Domestic
    5. Undercover
    6. Fraud and financial
    7. Missing persons and property
    8. Criminal

  6. Written comprehensive examination


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