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The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, Criminal Justice Research Center conducts studies, produces reports, and provides research and statistical assistance on a wide range of criminal justice issues. These services are provided to Virginia's state and local government agencies, academic institutions, citizens, and the federal government. The Research Center strives to continually improve understanding of criminal justice concerns and underlying factors, with the goal of delivering the best possible information to service providers and policy makers to aid in their decision-making.

Activities of the Research Center include:
    • Serves as Virginia’s Statistical Analysis Center (SAC).
    • Analyzes and reports crime statistics for state, regions and localities.
    • Prepares annual forecasts of statewide local jail inmate populations.
    • Prepares annual statistics required to determine allocations to localities for state law enforcement assistance (“599”) funds.
    • Responds to requests for crime statistics and data from state and local government, business and citizens.
    • Provides research and data support to special commissions and other bodies established by Governor, Secretary of Public Safety and General Assembly.
    • Designs, conducts and reports on evaluation studies of criminal justice programs and policies.
    • Makes recommendations for guiding and improving criminal justice programs and policies.
    • Provides assistance to state and local agencies in performing evaluation tasks and establishing databases that are useful for evaluation research.


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