Virginia School Resource Officer (SRO) Program

The Commonwealth of Virginia is committed to providing safe schools where students can learn and teachers can teach. The proactive and effective School Resource Officer Program is one component of the partnership that commits public safety personnel to the safety and security of the school community. The central mission of the law enforcement–educator partnership is student success. When students succeed, the entire community succeeds. Student success contributes to community safety: students who experience success and make positive contributions within their schools become productive citizens in the larger community.

General SRO Information

There are a number of publications available that will assist you in applying for a grant or developing your own SRO program locally. Please contact Donna Michaelis, at 804.371.6506 for more information on any of these resources.

Virginia SRO and SRO Supervisors

Please help us keep our information on Virginia SROs and SRO school assignments up-to-date by filling out a SRO Contact Sheet each time you know of a change in SRO personnel or SRO school assignment. This form should also be used to report changes in contact and email address information.

SRO Grant Information

Historically, the two grant funding sources used for the hiring of School Resource Officers have been the Edward Byrne Memorial Formula Grant Program (federal funds) and the SRO Incentive Grants Fund (state funds). In 2005, Congress combined the Byrne grant program and the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG) program and named it the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program.

DCJS has compiled a document detailing guidelines and application procedures for the program for the 2014-2015 SRO Incentive Grants Program, available here.

For more information on grants and funding, please refer to: Grants home page.


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