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  • Licensing/Regulations

    Licensing and Regulation

    The Division of Licensure and Regulatory Services involves the oversight and enforcement of five regulatory programs: Private Security Services; Bail Bondsmen; Bail Enforcement Agents; Special Conservators of the Peace; and Tow Truck Drivers. The Division supports our constituents and professionals who serve the private side of public safety.

  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

    The Division of Law Enforcement has multi-faceted responsibilities including oversight and management of training standards and regulations for the criminal justice community, training programs in public safety and homeland security, Crime Prevention and Accreditation Programs, and the development of law enforcement policies.

  • School & Campus Safety

    School and Campus Safety

    The Division of Public Safety Training and Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety focus on improving and enhancing safety by developing partnerships and addressing topics that affect Virginia law enforcement, K-12 public schools, and institutions of higher education, as well as helping Virginia’s citizens and law enforcement agencies achieve the goals of preparedness and protection.

  • Juvenile/Victims/Adult Services

    Programs & Services

    These programs – Juvenile and Child Welfare, Victims Services, and Adult Justice Programs – are located within the Division of Programs and Services. They work directly with local, state, and non-profit organizations across Virginia to improve public safety through various prevention, intervention, and support initiatives.

  • Grants    

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    DCJS Grants Management coordinates the grant activity from state and federal funding sources. They also award grant monies after an extensive review of all applications, respond directly to the subgrantee's inquiries, and process financial and administrative data.

  • Research  

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    The DCJS Criminal Justice Research Center conducts studies, produces reports, and provides research and statistical assistance on a wide range of criminal justice issues.