How do I become an SSO instructor?

A. The department may approve instructors to deliver school security officer training and may revoke such approval for just cause.

B. Each person applying for instructor approval shall:

1. Be currently certified as a school security officer, employed by the department, or acting as a consultant for the department;

2. Have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) or have passed the National External Diploma Program;

3. Have a minimum of:

a. Three years management or supervisory experience as a school security officer or with any federal, military police, state, county or municipal law-enforcement agency in a related field; or

b. Five years general experience as a school security officer, or with a federal, state or local law-enforcement agency in a related field;

4. Have completed:

a. A school security officer instructor course approved by the department; or

b. Have a minimum of one-year experience as an instructor or teacher in an accredited educational institution or law-enforcement agency.

C. Each person applying for instructor approval shall file with the department:

1. A properly completed application provided by the department;

2. Documentation verifying that the applicant meets the minimum eligibility requirements pursuant to this section;

3. Documentation verifying previous instructor experience, training, work experience and education for those subjects in which certification is requested.

D. The department will evaluate qualifications based upon the justification provided.

E. Upon completion of the instructor application requirements, the department may approve the instructor for a period not to exceed 24 months.

F. Each instructor shall conduct himself in a professional manner and the department may revoke instructor approval for just cause.

G. Applicants for instructor approval may submit a waiver application form for review by the department outlining previous instructor training or related experience. The department reserves the right to review each waiver application and evaluate qualifications and experience on an individual basis.

A SSO instructor applicant may submit a waiver request with supporting documentation, if they do not meet 1 or more of the requirements above.

SSO instructor certification is valid for 2 years. Within that time period, the instructor must complete 8 hours of training and submit documentation of training along with an application for instructor recertification

Certified SSO instructors may hold compulsory training classes by submitting a request form waiver request within 30 days of the class and must notify DCJS of any changes to the training. The instructor must test each student on each module and return the tests and rosters within 5 days to DCJS for processing. SSO instructors may also hold recertification classes and may submit a PIC request form to DCJS for approval.