CCCA-PSA - Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the application of science into operational practice for services and programs for offenders. The goal in Virginia is to use practices that have been empirically tested and have been shown to reduce recidivism among offenders. Based on numerous studies and Meta analyses of offender rehabilitation programs, researchers have outlined a set of principles to guide the implementation of EBP.

The following documents define and discuss this topic and these principles more in detail and give the reader some overviews and indepth looks at this concept and some of practices that could be useful to Criminal Justice Practitioners in corrections:

Commonwealth of Virginia: Roadmap for Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections2010
Tools of the Trade: A Guide to Incorporating Science into Practice2004
From Theory to Practice: What Works in Reducing Recidivism?2006
Implementing Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Community Corrections, Second Edition2009
Legal and Evidence Based Practices: Application of Legal Principles, Laws, and Research to the Field of Pretrial Services2007
Pretrial Services and Evidence Based Practice (LEBP)2007
Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment2007
A Guide for Probation and Parole - Motivating Offenders to Change2007
EBP Resource Guide: Custom Package by NIC 
A Ten Step Guide to Transforming Probation Departments 
Designing More Effective Correctional Programs Using Evidence-Based Practices
  • Edward J. Latessa, Ph.D
Improving the Effectiveness of Correctional Programs Through Research
  • Edward J. Latessa, Ph.D
Data-Driven Decisionmaking for Strategic Justice Reinvestment2012
Center for Effective Public Policy Coaching Packet Series for Improving Offender Outcomes 
Improving Recidivism as a Performance Measure
  • The Urban Institute
Justice Reinvestment at the Local Level Planning and Implementation Guide 
  • The Urban Institute
The National Summit on Justice Reinvestment and Public Safety2011

Cost Effective Criminal Justice Interventions: A Report for Napa County, California


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