Virginia SRO Incentive Grants Fund
Grant Program Profile

Grant Program Name: Virginia SRO Incentive Grants Fund

Source of Funds:

This program is funded through a special non-reverting fund within the commonwealth treasury.

Amount Available:

Grants of up to $50,000 per School Resource Officer position will be awarded.

Purpose of Funds:

The purpose of this program is to establish new school resource officer (SRO) programs and continue to support SRO programs in Virginia’s middle, high and alternative schools. School resource officers ensure safety, prevent truancy and violence in schools.

Grant recipients establish or enhance multidisciplinary partnerships to accomplish the following:

  • share knowledge and resources;
  • educate citizens about the value of community-oriented justice; and
  • address public safety concerns, especially the influence of drugs and juvenile violence.

Application guidelines include a face sheet, a needs assessment, description of the project, budget figures, budget narrative and a cooperative agreement between the school and the local law enforcement agency.

Eligibility Requirements:

Only units of general local government may apply for and receive funds through this program. Funding will only provided for personnel salary and fringe benefits. Funding legislation requires that localities must match these general funds with non-state sources. Grant funds may not be used to supplant state or local funds, which would otherwise be available for the same purposes.

The maximum grant period for awards are 12 months. The maximum length of time that grant funds may be used to support any project is 48 months.

Match Requirements:

Eligible recipients must provide a cash match for this project. Matching funds are based on the Composite Index, which is calculated by the Virginia Department of Education

Grants Awarded Date:

Funds are generally awarded from July 1st through June 30th, with a possibility of being renewed for 36 additional months. As with all grant funding, these awards are subject to the availability of funds. Applications are generally announced around during the spring.

Contact Information:

Grant Coordinator

Kathi Lee

DCJS Grants Administration
1100 Bank Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804.786.4000
Fax: 804.786.7231


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