Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Scholarship Program

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is pleased to announce that funding is available under the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Scholarship Program for 2016  and 2017  programs. Under this announcement, eligible multi-disciplinary, public-sector teams  from Virginia localities may receive a scholarship providing financial support for participation in intensive learning and certificate programs resulting in local system improvement projects. In addition juvenile justice and child welfare professionals are also eligible to  apply for and receive scholarships to participate in other approved  training and conferences. At this time, applications for programs, conferences or other approved training offered in 2016 and 2017  may be submitted. Applications will be accepted as long as funds are available.

Eligible Programs and Scholarship Recipients

Eligible recipients are limited to public sector, multi-disciplinary teams from Virginia localities and individuals who are juvenile justice or child welfare professionals that have been accepted by the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University into a 2016 and 2017  certificate program or into a similar program, or other approved training or conferences offered elsewhere that address the following youth-related areas:

  • Multi-system integration;
  • Diversion;
  • Reducing ethnic and racial disparities in juvenile justice;
  • Information sharing among systems/partners; or
  • School/justice practices and partnerships to address school-to-prison pipeline issues

A final  team project approved and reviewed by the program, extending up to a year or more following on-site instruction, is a required component of a program for team applications in order for the team application to be determined eligible. 

Teams must be:

  • Multi-disciplinary;
  • Include members from more than one public sector agency/system at the local level;
  • Include members from at least three local agencies or organizations; and
  • Led by a public sector employee working at the local level.

Individual juvenile justice or child welfare professionals requesting support have other requirements that are explained in the Scholarship Guide and Application

Scholarship Guide and Application

Download the complete JABG Scholarship Guide and Application for more information