Civilian Training

DCJS Civilian  Active Attack Program

When an attack occurs, will you be ready? Have you ever wondered what to do if you found yourself in an active attack, whether by firearms, knife, vehicle, or some other weapon?
The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) can teach you how to respond, and to be an immediate responder before other first responders and emergency personnel arrive. This training is specifically for you, your family and friends, your co-workers, community partners, and other concerned citizens.

To schedule or attend Civilian Response & Casualty Care (CRCC) training please use these links: 

CRCC In-person (4 hour) ♦ CRCC Virtual (2 hour)

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(CRCC) Civilian Response and Casualty Care - VIRTUAL (2 Hours) ~ Available in Zoom ONLY

Civilian Response and Casualty Care (CRCC) is based on the Avoid, Deny, Defend/Run, Hide, Fight strategy and is designed to provide strategies, guidance, and a proven plan for surviving an active attack event. This course combines the civilian response with the Stop the Bleed® campaign, which empowers civilians to provide life-saving medical aid before first responders ever arrive. Topics include the history and prevalence of active attack events, civilian response options, and medical issues. 
Available now  — registration is required. Please visit the CRCC VIRTUAL registration page and choose the date for your course.  

(CRCC) Civilian Response and Casualty Care (4 Hours) ~ Available In Person ONLY

This in-person course of Civilian Response and Casualty Care (CRCC) provides a coordinated effort through a “whole community approach” to establish stakeholders within the community and empower citizens to become “Immediate Responders” who do what they can, where they are, with what they have to work with until “First Responders” arrive. This course uses the basics of Avoid, Deny, and Defend to teach against an active attack, and also how to provide life-saving medical aid to the injured from the Stop the Bleed® campaign.
Who should attend: All civilian stakeholders to include schools, campuses, faith communities, civic organizations, businesses, etc., and First Responders such as law enforcement, Fire/EMS, tele-communicators, dispatchers, school resource officers, school and campus security officers.

Required Student Equipment: Good attitude, open mind, pen and paper, business attire or training uniform

Class Size: Minimum of 25 to a Maximum of 50 Students

Hosting Requirements: A classroom capable of seating of up to 50 participants with the ability for note taking, audio and visual equipment capable of PowerPoint display with video playback to include sound. (Please arrange access to the facility at least one day prior to the scheduled training for classroom set up.) If you would like to host a session, please complete the SCHEDULE A TRAINING form.

Available now — registration is required. Please visit the CRCC IN-PERSON registration page and choose the date for your course.

These courses are provided free of cost by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Please note that the course is proprietary and the PowerPoint slides will not be distributed for use outside of the training session.


Active Attack Program Contact

Adam Keene, Active Attack Training Coordinator
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