Changes to the current Fingerprinting process

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Changes to the current Fingerprinting process


DCJS will be partnering with Fieldprint, Inc.

As you may know, the Commonwealth of Virginia has secured a contract with Fieldprint, Inc. to provide a statewide livescan fingerprint solution. We are proud to announce that DCJS will also be one of the state agencies who will be taking advantage of the state contract with Fieldprint, Inc. DCJS will implement a new fingerprint process utilizing livescan technology.

What will change?

Once the process is implemented, DCJS will no longer accept Fingerprint Cards (FD-258). Instead, applicant fingerprints must be submitted through Fieldprint, Inc. electronically utilizing livescan digital fingerprint image technology. This provides a faster more secure and accurate collection process. Participation of applicants for licensure, registration and certification in this new process will not be optional.

When will this change take effect?

                DCJS has a target date of April 1, 2018. However, if this date changes we will notify you.

                Renewal notices sent out in April will include the new instructions on this process.

What will applicants have to do differently?

Applicants will no longer be submitting the fingerprint package to DCJS as it is currently required. Instead, when an applicant submits an application in which they have to be fingerprinted they will follow a two-step process:

Step 1: Submit the applicable DCJS application(s) and fees, Criminal History Processing Form and fee ($25.00) to the Department. Towing applicants will not be subject to this and should proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. Appointments can be made online at or by calling 877-614-4364. Fees for fingerprinting will be paid at the time of appointment ($25.00). DCJS will automatically be notified of updates related to this process. For applicants located outside of Virginia, when you schedule your appointment with Fieldprint, Inc., you will be notified on the nearest Fieldprint location where you can complete the fingerprint submittal process.

Can a business or training school be set up to collect and submit fingerprints using livescan technology?

Yes! If your business or training school is interested in offering this service for your employees or students, you may contact Tom Harrison- at 888-472-8918 x 2192 or for additional information and to determine eligibility.

Can my business set up to be billed for employees being fingerprinted?

Absolutely! If you would like to pay for your employees to use this service, please contact  Tom Harrison- at 888-472-8918 x 2192 or for additional information.


Once an applicant’s fingerprints have been collected and submitted by Fieldprint, Inc., DCJS will be notified in as little as 24 hours if the applicants does not have any prior criminal history.

If an applicant has a criminal history, the actual results may not be available for 30 days or more, dependent on the FBI and/or Virginia State Police (VSP). Once DCJS receives these results additional processing time is required as they are thoroughly reviewed by the Department.

Fingerprints collected utilizing livescan technologies have a much greater success rate of being classifiable. Therefore, once this process is implemented, we should experience far less situations where applicants must resubmit their fingerprints because they were unclassifiable.

About Fieldprint:

Fieldprint is the exclusive vendor for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a nationally recognized service provider.

Fieldprint provides 24/7/365 fingerprint scheduling through their web-based portal and answering questions through their call center.

  • Schedule your fingerprint appointment online at Fieldprint. Fieldprint’s web portal will include details for creating your secure account and steps for entering the required information so that your appointment may be scheduled at your convenience.
  • Please remember to retain your DCJS Fieldprint Code to complete your fingerprint scheduling registration.
  • Contact the Fieldprint call center for questions.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact a customer service representative at 804-786-4700.