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1100 Bank Street
Richmond, VA 23219
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(804) 659-1031
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
Dawn has been working in the field of criminal justice and human services for over 15 years.  She began her career working within the Hampton City jail as an Addictions and Recovery Program Director in the Drug and Alcohol Therapeutic Unit. While in this role she was active on the Board for Reentry, working to ensure community safety through education and preparedness. Dawn has served victims of intimate partner violence and helped them navigate the criminal justice system in Chesapeake for 5 years as a Victim Advocate. Dawn is currently employed with the Department of Criminal Justice Services as a crisis response recruiting & training Specialist.  Dawn is also recognized as a National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) nationally credentialed advocate since 2020.  She has earned a B.S. in Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Dawn became a NOVA certified trainer in 2019.  Dawn has responded and provided essential assistance to survivors of several critical incidents, to include the mass shooting in Virginia Beach on 5/31.
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VCART Outreach & Training Specialist
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