Human Trafficking - Related Statutes

Virginia Anti-Trafficking Criminal Laws & Information - 2011 (Source: Virginia Office of the Attorney General)

Model Law Against Trafficking in Persons

Virginia Statutes

Substantive Laws: Labor Trafficking

18.2-47(B) Abduction for forced labor

18.2-49 Threatening, attempting or assisting in such abduction

18.2-59 Extortion

18.2-356 Receiving money for procuring person

Substantive Laws: Sex Trafficking

18.2-48 Abduction

18.2-49 Threatening, attempting or assisting in such abduction

18.2-346(B) Solicitation of prostitution

18.2-347 Keeping, residing in or frequenting a bawdy place (brothel)

18.2-348 Aiding prostitution

18.2-349 Using vehicles to promote prostitution

18.2-355 Taking person for prostitution, or consenting thereto

18.2-356 Receiving money for procuring person 

18.2-357 Receiving money from earnings of prostitute

18.2-370(B) Taking indecent liberties with children: Sexually explicit visual material 

18.2-374.1 Production of child pornography

18.2-374.3 Use of communication systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children 

Completed Sex Offenses

18.2-61 Rape

18.2-63 Knowledge of child between thirteen and fifteen years of age

18.2-67.1 Forcible sodomy

18.2-67.2 Object sexual penetration

18.2-67.3 Aggravated sexual battery

18.2-67.4 Sexual battery

18.2-67.4:2 Sexual abuse of a child under 15 years of age

18.2-370(A) Taking indecent liberties with children

18.2-371 Contributing to the delinquency of a minor 

Virginia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act

18.2-514 Racketeering offenses 

18.2-515 Criminal penalties; forfeiture 

18.2-516 Prosecution

Other Statutes

18.2-18 Principals in the second degree & accessories before the fact

18.2-22 Conspiracy to commit felony

18.2-29 Criminal solicitation

18.2-46.1 Criminal street gangs

18.2-359(A) Venue for prosecutions

19.2-386.16 Forfeiture of motor vehicles used in commission of certain crimes

19.2-386.31 Seizure and forfeiture of property used in connection with the exploitation and solicitation of children