Virginia School Safety Survey - Superintendents

The 2020 Virginia School Safety Survey consists of a standardized, web-based survey for all public K-12 schools in the Commonwealth. This school-level survey can be accessed by school principals here, starting August 3, 2020. All schools must complete the web-based survey by Friday, September 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM.


Before accessing the division-level survey, it is recommended that you review the survey questions. Like last year, this year’s division-level survey consists of a few questions about threat assessment procedures in your school division. To review the questions, click the button below.

Division Survey Questions

Access Temporary Survey Manager

Access Division Survey (coming August 3rd, 2020)

Access the Survey Manager

Superintendents should click on the Survey Manager button above in order to update their division's list of schools and contact information. In addition, superintendents review their schools’ individual surveys and certify their response accuracy via this feature. Information on how to log into the Survey Manager feature was emailed to each superintendent in May. If you need assistance accessing this system, please contact Nikki Wilcox at (804) 786-3923 or Shellie Evers at (804) 629-7042.

Through the secure Survey Manager feature, superintendents:

  1. update their division’s list of schools and contact information,
  2. complete the division level survey
  3. view the survey responses submitted by each of their division’s schools,
  4. monitor survey compliance by each of their division’s schools, and
  5. make necessary corrections/modifications to their schools’ surveys,
  6. certify the content of submitted surveys,
  7. certify the annual review of their division's school crisis plans, and
  8. certify the completion of their division's schools' safety inspection checklists.

School Level Survey Resources

The following resources are provided to assist you in helping your schools complete this year's survey. Please let us know if we can assist you further.