(FY 2015 - 2016) SRO/SSO Incentive Grant Program

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is offering state funds through the School Resource Officer Incentive Grant Program to establish new and continue existing School Resource Officer (SRO) positions in local law enforcement agencies, and School Security Officer (SSO) positions in local school divisions.

These funds will be used to promote school safety and security by supporting School Resource Officer (SRO) and School Security Officer (SSO) positions assigned to public elementary, middle, and high schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A primary goal of this grant program is to establish, enhance, and continue the partnerships between local law enforcement agencies and local school divisions. This grant program is focused on funding new SRO/SSO positions in schools where none currently exist and to continue successful new programs funded in 2015-2016.

These guidelines contain the rules and requirements governing the School Resource Officer/School Security Officer Incentive Grant Program, the required grant application forms, and instructions for completing and submitting your application.

Localities are encouraged to consider School Security Officer positions when the situation deems an additional security presence is merited yet the full functions of a School Resource Officer may not be suitable. For purposes of definition, a School Security Officer means an individual who is employed by the local school board for the singular purpose of maintaining order and discipline, preventing crime, investigating violations of school board policies, and detaining students violating the law or school board policies on school property or at school-sponsored events and who is responsible solely for ensuring the safety, security, and welfare of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the assigned school.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Units of local government are eligible to apply for and receive these funds. A police department, Sheriffs’ office or school division may manage the SRO/SSO program but the grant application must be submitted by and the funds awarded to a unit of local government. Priority will be given to localities requesting SRO/SSO positions in schools where no such personnel are currently in place. Localities with an SRO position are eligible to apply for an SSO position if the need is sufficiently documented and funding is available.

Forty-eight (48) months is the maximum length of time that grant funds will be awarded to support an SRO/SSO position in a specific elementary, middle, or high school. These grant funds are to be used to establish new SRO/SSO positions in public school buildings where one does not currently exist. These funds may not be used to supplant or replace other funding sources used to fund current SRO/SSO positions.

Guidelines and Forms: