(FY 2017 - 2019) Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Grant Program (SADVGP)

These Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Grant Program (SADVGP) Guidelines provide detailed guidance to aid applicants in determining eligibility, developing itemized budgets and budget narratives, and completing other related forms, including service delivery targets. Using the guidance presented in this document, applicants should be able to efficiently and effectively prepare complete applications. These guidelines are a combination of the Sexual Assault Grant Program and the VOCA Domestic Violence Grant Program (formerly administered by the Virginia Department of Social Services). In an effort to streamline the grant processes at DCJS, one application must be submitted by continuation grantees to apply for a combination of both funding streams. The projected maximum award amounts for each continuation program can be found on the attached List of Projected Maximum Awards.

Grant Program Information:Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Grant Program (SADVGP)
Source of Funds:

Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds from the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime. 

Amount Available:Varies depending on Virginia’s annual federal VOCA allocation.
Purpose of Funds:The purpose of this grant program is to provide and enhance direct services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.
Program Goals:In 2016, the SADVGP was formed to streamline two previously separate grant programs: the DCJS Sexual Assault Grant Program (SAGP) and the VOCA Grant Program previously funded through VOCA funds awarded to the Virginia Department of Social Services.
Eligibility Requirements:SADVGP funding supports local and statewide sexual assault and domestic violence programs.
Match Requirements:Federal VOCA Guidelines require cash or in-kind match. See the Grant Application Guidelines for additional information.
Grants Awarded Date:SADVGP funding is awarded on a state fiscal year cycle.
Reporting Information:

FY 2018 Quarterly Narrative Report Form
SADVGP Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) Webinar

FY 2019 Budget Information:

FY 2018 Budget Information:

FY18 Budget Instructions

FY18 Match and Budgets Webinar

SADVGP Unified Budget

Narrative Template 1 - Personnel

Narrative Template 2 - Consultant

Narrative Template 3 - Travel Subsistence

Narrative Template 4 - Equipment

Narrative Template 5 - Supplies Other

Narrative Template 6 - Indirect Costs

Narrative Template 7 - Non Supplantation