Chapter 7: Forms

Chapter 7: Forms
Auxiliary Police Officers
Form 21 - Initial Appointment  
Form 31 - Employment Update  
The below forms are to be retained at the Agency and not submitted to DCJS.           
Form A 2 - Auxiliary Police Training (level two auxiliary officer)  
Form A 3 - Auxiliary Police Training (level three auxiliary officer)  
Form A 4 - Auxiliary Police Training (level four auxiliary officer)  
Field Training Forms
The below forms are to be retained at the Agency and not submitted to DCJS               
B 13 - Field Training for Law Enforcement  
CP 1 - Field Training  for Civil Process Service Officers  
CS 1 - Field Training for Court Security Officers  
D 1 - On-the-job Training: Dispatchers  
J 1 - Field Training for Jail Deputies and Officers  
Law Enforcement Employment Forms
Form 21 - Initial Appointment                                                                 
Form 31 - Employment Update                                           


Instructor Forms
IC 1 - Application for Instructor Certification                                        
IC 2 - Application for Instructor Reinstatement  
PS-1 - Application for Provisional Status  
FTO-1 - FTO Reinstatement  
Instructor Patch Order Form (I-P)  
Initial Instructor Patch Form (Int-P)  


Training and Credit Hours
PIC 1 - Individual Partial In-Service Credit  
PIC-3 Application  
General Information - (PIC Info Sheet)  
CC 1 - College Course In-Service Credit Application  
CC 2 - College Course In-Service Credit Attest  
TE - Request for Training  Extension  
PIC 3 - Procedures for Partial In-Service Course Approval                  


Waivers and Exemptions
W 1 - Application of Waiver of Minimum Qualifications  
W 2 - Application for Exemption from Virginia Compulsory Minimum Training Standards