Effective through March 29, 2019


5.45. Answer, refer, and route calls/messages to proper departmental unit.

5.46. Prepare a general broadcast bulletin

5.47. Complete data entry forms (if applicable)

5.47.1. Wanted or missing person

5.47.2. Stolen vehicle

5.48. Prepare an activity log

5.49. Prepare a summary report

5.50. Prepare an intra-departmental memo

5.51. Monitor alarm/security systems, if applicable.

5.52. Receive opening/closing calls, if applicable.

5.53. Maintain equipment within the communications center.

5.54. Troubleshoot equipment problems.

5.55. Document equipment problems.

5.56. Identify local ordinances affecting dispatch operations.

5.57. Use and maintain maps and cross street directories.

5.58. Demonstrate map reading skills to include street directions.

5.59. Use and maintain log shift rosters of assigned field units.

5.60. Use and maintain department files for warrants and/or other citations.

5.61. Use and maintain complaint history files.

5.62. Use and maintain specialized logs or data bases, e.g. medical incidents, problem addresses, restraining orders, etc.

5.63. Use and maintain towing agency rotation logs.

5.64. Use and maintain business directories.

5.65. Use and maintain a directory of services provided by other agencies.

5.66. Answer an anonymous witness line, e.g., Crime Stoppers, if applicable.

5.67. Provide information, refer and/or transfer calls to appropriate departments or agencies as a general service to the public.

5.68. Provide requested information to authorized departments or agencies, per department policy.

5.69. Maintain general resource material in the Communications Center.

5.70. Maintain order and cleanliness in the Communications Center