Effective through March 29, 2019


5.30. Using NCIC or other manuals for assistance (if applicable)

5.31. Transmitting emergency bulletins by TTY (if applicable)

5.32. Query vehicle (if applicable)

5.33. Query Computerized Criminal History (CCH) (if applicable)

5.34. Query stored vehicles (if applicable)

5.35. Query driver’s license (if applicable)

5.36. Enter administrative license suspension (if applicable)

5.37. Query stolen articles (if applicable)

5.38. Query gun (if applicable)

5.39. Query wanted/missing persons (if applicable).

5.40. Clearing entries (if applicable)

5.41. Enter/query protective orders (if applicable).

5.42. Modify information in computer database (if applicable)

5.43. Hit confirmation process (to include placing locate)

5.44. Informal and formal messages (if applicable)

Note: Trainee must complete VCIN/NCIC training prior to being tested on the job by criteria numbers 5.31 through 5.44.