Jail officers

9.45 – 9.61 General Tasks

9.45. Stand, walk or sit for more than half of work shift.

9.46. Perform duties while wearing heavy equipment other than a gun belt (SCBA, Scott Air Pack, Ballistic Vest, Riot Gear).

9.47. Participate in drills (fire, disaster, hostage situations, and/or evacuations).

9.48. Facilitate group meetings within facility, if assigned.

9.49. Review incoming and outgoing mail and distribute mail.

9.50. Operate controls and radios for facility.

9.51. Inspect security devices and report deficiencies.

9.52. Maintain security of keys and tools and report discrepancies.

9.53. Report and document need for repairs to any equipment or tools used in the facility.

9.54. Inspect/wear emergency response equipment and protective gear/apparatus of agency and report any deficiencies.

9.55. Operate agency fire extinguisher to extinguish fires.

9.56. Check audio/video communications equipment for proper operation and report any deficiencies.

9.57. Discuss any personal or on-the-job problems with your supervisor.

9.58. Inspect electrical wiring, plugs, and receptacles for operation and safety.

9.59. Inventory forms and other supplies.

9.60. Test emergency power supply when directed.

9.61. Fingerprint subject for commitment to jail if assigned.