Law enforcement

10.60 - 10.68 Records and Documentation

10.60. Identify court and legal papers for filing and record keeping.

10.61. Identify department policy and procedure relating to access to department records and NCIC or VCIN.

10.62. Identify department procedure to contact Commonwealth’s Attorney regarding paperwork for seizure of items related to asset forfeiture.

10.63. Identify department format for entering data on cards for filing.

10.64. Identify department procedures to initial, mark, and label evidence and seized, detained or recovered property to establish chain of custody and maintain inventory storage requirements.

10.65. Identify department policy and procedure for disposition of property and evidence (release or destruction).

10.66. Identify department procedures to file and retrieve documents in records system.

10.67. Identify department policy and procedure relating to VCIN and NCIC entry for lost, missing, or abducted person.

           10.68. Provide mutual assistance in reviewing reports for completeness and accuracy when requested.