Effective March 30, 2019

5.301. - 5.400.  General

5.301. Answer, refer, and route calls/messages to proper departmental unit:

5.301.1. Accurately document information received verbally

5.302. Prepare a general Be On the Lookout (BOLO)

5.303. Identify local ordinances pertaining to calls for service

5.304. Obtain and use maps and cross street directories

5.305. Demonstrate map reading skills to include street directions:

           5.305.1. Identify agency geographical jurisdiction

           5.305.2. Identify the geographical jurisdiction of contiguous localities

5.306. Demonstrate how to contact available resources internal or external to your agency

5.307. Provide information, refer and/or transfer calls to appropriate departments or agencies as a general service to the public

5.308. Provide requested information to authorized departments or agencies, per department policy (e.g. FOIA Officer, Public Information Officer)

5.309. Recite and use phonetic alphabet

5.310. Identify and use 24 hour (e.g. military and other emergency services) time

5.311. Review the agency’s emergency operations plan

5.312. Review the agency’s active shooter/assailant/threat policy and identify the dispatcher’s role within the policy

(5.313 - 5.400. Reserve)