How can I request extensions for grant requirements (i.e. special conditions, project implementation, financial and/or programmatic reports)?

Within 60 days of the starting date of the grant, the sub-grantee must initiate the project funded. If not, the sub-grantee must report to DCJS, in writing, the steps taken to initiate the project, the reasons for the delay, and the expected starting date. If the project is not operational within 90 days of the start date, the sub-grantee must obtain approval in writing from DCJS for a new implementation date or DCJS may cancel and terminate the project and redistribute the funds.

Sub-grantees can request up to two (2) report extensions during the award period. To submit a request, logon to OGMS, select the Contract Amendments component and choose Reporting Extension.  Provide the reasons for the delay in reporting as well as an anticipated date of when the report will be filed. All requests must be submitted before the reporting deadline.