Model Policies for Virginia Law Enforcement Agencies

The Model Policies Manual for Virginia Law-Enforcement Agencies is a collection of important administrative and operational policies required by the Code of Virginia or adopted by DCJS to address new, changing, or emerging areas of criminal justice.

The Model Policies Manual is intended to help local agencies develop their own comprehensive written guidance that complies with or meets requirements of the Code. In many cases, the Code requires all law enforcement agencies to have written policy on certain topics, but it does not require agencies to adopt verbatim any of the model policies from this collection. If you have any suggestions for model policy topics, please contact Kristi Shalton at 804.786.7801.

The following Model Policies are published by DCJS and may be mandated by the Code of Virginia. Each January, these policies are reviewed and revised if appropriate. Policies are hyperlinked below.

DCJS Model Policies

Subject Last Revision Policy #
Bias Reduction/Cultural Diversity 01/01/2010 2-1A
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs 12/01/2012 2-19A
Juvenile Procedures 12/15/2008 2-29
Sexual Assault

For assistance in updating your agency's Sexual Assault policy, please contact Kristina Vadas

07/01/2012 2-31
Domestic Violence

For Full-service law enforcement agencies

09/12/2012 2-32
Domestic Violence/Stalking/Family Abuse

For Sheriffs with Court Security/Civil Process Functions This policy is currently being revised. For assistance in updating your agency’s Domestic Violence Policy, or for the status of the revision, please contact Kristina Vadas.

03/12/2007 2-32A
Lineups/Eyewitness Identification

Replaces former Suspect Lineup Procedures policy

03/19/2014 2-39
Line of Duty Deaths 01/01/2022 2-40
Death/Serious Injury Notifications 01/01/2022 2-41
Alzheimer’s Awareness 01/01/2022 2-42
Sexual Assault Response Teams Model Protocol

For additional information on Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART), please contact Kristina Vadas

Vehicle Pursuits and Emergency Operation 01/06/2012 2-9
Protocols for the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by Law Enforcement Agencies 10/07/2013
Human Trafficking 01/01/2022 2-43
Missing Persons Model Policy 11/03/2015
Search and Rescue Model Policy 11/03/2015
Body Worn Camera Model Policy 03/01/2021
Auxiliary Police Officers 03/28/2013 3-1