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Academy Resources

Academy Resources
Information for Academies from DCJS

Start here to find standards, requirements, and other information pertaining to academies.

Compulsory Minimum Training Standards

Find minimum training hours.

DCJS Policy and Requirements

Find requirements for statutory and regulatory mandates.

Virginia Administrative Code

Find regulations provided online by the Virginia General Assembly.

Certification and Recertification

DCJS oversees the specific steps required for certification and recertification. Completion of those steps must also adhere to certain timeframes. Information is outlined in the Code of Virginia.


The Training and Certification Electronic Records (TRACER) allows agencies to review and check for accuracy of information for their personnel. TRACER also monitors compliance with training requirements by criminal justice personnel.

Law Enforcement Grants

The Office of Grants Management coordinates the grant activity from state and federal funding sources. It also awards grant monies after extensive review of all applications, responds directly to subgrantee's inquiries, and processes financial and administrative data.

Quick Reference
DCJS Publications

Search law enforcement publications by title.

Division Of Law Enforcement FAQs

Find the most commonly asked questions regarding training, certification, decertification, transferring from another state or from a federal position, injuries, and instruction.

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Find out about proposed changes to Virginia's regulations, including a meetings calendar, board minutes, and public comment forums.