Employee Directory

Office of the Director

Jackson Miller Director (804) 786-8718
Tracy Louise Banks Deputy Director (804) 786-7840
Laureen Hyman

Ms. Hyman is the Executive Assistant to the Director. She also provides support to the Chief Deputy Director and is the Recording Secretary for the Criminal Justice Services Board. 

Executive Assistant to the Director (804) 786-8718
David Naoroz (804) 225-1863

Division of Licensure and Regulatory Services

Aubrey Granderson Division Director (804) 786-9652

Division of Law Enforcement

Harvey Powers Division Director (804) 786-8730

Division of Programs and Services

Tracey Jenkins Division Director 804-225-0005
Candace Miles

Ms. Miles serves as the Office Manager for the Division of Programs and Services at DCJS.  She provides support to all division programs and is the primary contact for the division’s web-based activities.

Office Manager (804) 371-6507

Division of Public Safety Training and Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety

Donna Michaelis

Ms. Michaelis is the manager of the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety and Public Safety Training at the Department of Criminal Justices Services. She has been working in the area of school safety since 1985 when she began her career with the Chesterfield County Police Department as the county’s first Child Safety Coordinator. Mrs. Michaelis assumed the responsibility of the newly legislated Center at DCJS when it was established in 2000 as a result of the Columbine tragedy. She is currently a manager within the Law Enforcement Division of DCJS overseeing Public Safety Training and the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety. In her role, she provides training, resources, and technical assistance to all schools, colleges and universities, and law enforcement agencies across the Commonwealth on issues related to school and campus safety and specialized law enforcement issues.  Mrs. Michaelis is a graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.  

Division Director (804) 371-6506
Dannie Anderson (804) 786-5367
Alan Chambers (804) 510-9799
Denae Griffin (804) 225-3948
Bill Jeffords, Jr (804) 397-5351
Adam Keene Acting Supervisor (804) 205-3803
Carol Miller Administrative Training Specialist (804) 225-4111
Ernie Von Reichenbach Trainer and Instructor (804) 397-5353
Gillian Wilson Acting Supervisor (804) 482-8922

Division of Finance & Administration

John Colligan Division Director (804) 786-4961
Justin Liang Budget Manager (804) 786-4155

State Trafficking Response Team

Angella Alvernaz State Trafficking Response Coordinator (804) 517-8695
McKayla Burnett State Trafficking Services Grant Program Specialist (804) 382-3353
Blane Sawyer State Trafficking Training Coordinator (804) 914-4649

Criminal Justice Research Center

Baron Blakley

Mr. Blakley’s analysis is primarily focused on jails and drug trends. He serves as the co-chair of the interagency Health & Criminal Justice Data Committee, which is currently analyzing data related to the opioid overdose crisis. He produces an annual report on drug cases submitted to the Department of Forensic Science and is responsible for the annual projection of the local-offender jail population. He also assists with criminal justice research and evaluation projects for other DCJS sections, as well as other agencies.

Research Manager (804) 786-3057
Joseph Boelsche Program Administrator Specialist II (804) 316-3459
Sherri Johnson

Ms Johnson develops and conducts needs assessments, evaluations, and surveys in support of public safety policies and programs. She also provides assistance establishing performance measures for criminal justice initiatives.

Criminal Justice Research Analyst (804) 786-7427
Debbie Roberts

Ms. Roberts is an experienced programmer/analyst at the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Research Center.  She is expert in the analysis of Virginia incident-based Uniform Crime Reports and many other state and national criminal justice-related databases.

Criminal Justice Research Analyst (804) 786-4612

Communication & Design Center

Marsha Dietz

Marsha Dietz is the Manager of the DCJS Communication and Design Center. She provides support services for the agency’s programs, communications, and events. She designs and coordinates the production of materials for conferences and trainings, brochures, reports, presentations, displays, and others items that reflect the mission of the agency to a diverse audience. Additionally, she maintains the agency’s social media sites, and provides design and graphic support for the website. Ms. Dietz ensures materials presented to the public meet the design and content standards set by the agency. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from West Virginia University.

Communications and Design Center Manager (804) 225-4068
Laureen Hyman

Ms. Hyman is the Executive Assistant to the Director. She also provides support to the Chief Deputy Director and is the Recording Secretary for the Criminal Justice Services Board. 

Executive Assistant to the Director (804) 786-8718