Victims Services

The Division of Programs and Services staff at the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) provide grant funding, training, technical assistance, and written resources to programs and individuals serving crime victims. In addition, staff monitors legislation, conducts studies and provides direct services to crime victims through the Crime Victim Assistance INFO-LINE and through victim assistance emergency response.

Victims Assistance Emergency Response

The Code of Virginia requires the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Virginia Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund to be the lead coordinating agencies for crime victims during critical events and emergencies under emergency management plans. These plans have been developed by school boards, institutions of higher education, the Board of Health, the State Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board, the Department of Emergency Management, and political subdivisions.

Staff also works closely with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund and others in the development of the “Family Assistance Center Plan.” DCJS responsibilities for the Plan include identifying and coordinating the availability of trained experienced victim advocates to provide crisis intervention, grief counseling and other services at the Family Assistance Center (FAC).

Grant Funding

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Basic/Advanced Program Management Training
  • Regional Victims Services Training
  • Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault
  • Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence
  • Regional Trainings: Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) Development
  • SART Development on College Campuses
  • Regional Trainings: Enhancing SARTs
  • Grant Application Training
  • Virginia Victim Assistance Academy
  • Violence Against Women Training
  • Group Crisis Intervention Practice Sessions
  • Advanced Victim Assistance Academy