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Forfeited Asset Sharing Program

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In November 1990, the citizens of Virginia voted to adopt laws allowing local law enforcement agencies to benefit from the seizure of monies, property, and goods connected with the illegal distribution of narcotics. These laws made it possible for law enforcement agencies to receive the proceeds from the sale of items obtained in substantial connection with drug trafficking, and to have forfeited to them, for agency usage, certain seized items that could be used to promote law enforcement. Prior to the enactment of these new laws, all monies seized and received from the sale of forfeited items were handed over the State Literary Fund, now law enforcement agencies can use these funds to their advantage.

According to § 19.2-386.22 of the Code of Virginia, all money and property used in substantial connection with the manufacture, sale or distribution of an illegal narcotic can be seized by a law enforcement agency. Anything of value furnished or intended to be furnished in exchange for controlled substances can also be seized. Further, all money and property, real or personal, traceable to an exchange together with any interest or profits derived from the investment of money or property is subject to seizure.

With the enactment of these laws came the establishment of the Forfeited Asset Sharing Program. The Forfeited Asset Sharing Program is governed by § 19.2-386.1-14 of the Code of Virginia.

For questions or information about the Forfeited Asset Sharing Program, please contact one of the staff members below:
Beth Dandridge, Coordinator
Bobbie Morris, Asset Forfeiture Specialist