I was an officer in another state what do I need to do to become certified in VA? Is there an abbreviated school?

  1. There is no complete exemption or lateral for out-of-state officers in Virginia. DCJS reviews applications for partial training waivers on a case-by-case basis based upon prior training and experience as a law enforcement officer.
    1. Applicant officer must have at least 5 years continuous previous experience as a certified law enforcement officer; and
    2. Be out of such employment for less than 2 years.  (§ 9.1-116)
  2. The training requirements for those with prior out-of-state experience include training in the high liability areas such as (but not limited to) legal issues, some patrol techniques, defensive tactics, use of force, weapons use and driver training.  You will also be required to pass the Virginia Certification Exam and complete a minimum of 100 hours of field training in conjunction with answering calls for law enforcement service with the Virginia agency that employs you.
  3. These exemptions are only available at the request of a Virginia criminal justice agency and would not be available to you on a pre-employment basis.  There are also some Virginia agencies that will not accept any exemptions and do mandate the completion of the entire basic academy regardless of the certification status of the officer.