My fingerprints are already on file, but when I submitted a new application I was told to submit them again. Why do I need to send them in again?

Whenever you submit an initial application  for a credentialyou must submit for a new criminal history records search with a new fingerprint application, fingerprint cards and fee unless you submitted fingerprints within the previous 120 days. 

If fingerprints were submitted within the last 120 days it must have been for the purpose of applying for another credential within the same regulatory program. For example you applied for a registration with the Private Security Services Program and you now wish to apply for a Private Security Services compliance agent certification. 

If you are applying under one of the other regulatory programs, Bail Bondsmen, Bail Enforcement Agents, Special Conservators of the Peace or a Tow Truck Driver Authorization, you must submit new fingerprint cards, application and fee.  The criminal history eligibility requirements are different for each program.