My instructorship expired last year. What do I need to do to become a certified instructor again?

  1. Expired certification
    1. If the instructorship has been expired less than 12 months, the agency or academy may request the instructorship be reinstated by submitting an Instructor Reinstatement Form (IC-2) with the agency administrator’s signature and the academy director’s signature to DCJS form approval.
    2. The expired instructor must complete an approved instructor recertification course through a certified academy and complete a subsequent apprenticeship.
    3. If the instructorship is expired due to lack of the 8 hour instruction requirement, the reinstatement apprenticeship shall include the remaining hours of the required instruction in addition to the minimal 4 hours apprenticeship (2 hours for speed measurement).
    4. All instructorship certifications expired for more than 12 months shall not be eligible for reinstatement.  A new instructor development course would be required.