VCSCS 22-001 2021 School Safety Audit

VCSCS 22-002 2021-2022 Back to School Safety Message

VCSCS 22-003 2022 Virginia School Survey of Climate and Working Conditions

VCSCS 22-004 2022 School Safety Audit

VCSCS 22-005 Digital Mapping Program for Virginia K-12 Schools

VCSCS 22-006 2021 Virginia School Safety Audit Highlights Report

VCSCS 22-007 Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Train-the-Trainer Program


VCSCS 21-001 School Drills and the Impact of COVID-19

VCSCS 21-002  School Safety Audit Update and Extension

VCSCS 21-003  Legislative Summary for Schools and Campuses

VCSCS 21-004 Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety Training, Conferences, and Resources

VCSCS 21-005 Announcing Virginia's 2020 BJA STOP School Violence Grant Funding

VCSCS 21-006 Threat Assessment and Management in Virginia’s Public Schools: Model Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines - Third Edition

VCSCS 21-007 Drill Waivers Due to the Impact of COVID-19

VCSCS 21-008 Information Sharing Guide for K-12 Schools

VCSCS 21-009 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About K-12 Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management/Virtual (Online) Basic Behavioral Threat Assessment Training Now Available 


VCSCS 20-001 2019-2020 Back to School Safety Message

VCSCS 20-002 Provision of Annual School Safety Training for Students and Staff 

VCSCS 20-003 Threat Assessment One Day Training Sessions

VCSCS 20-004 2020 Secondary School Climate Survey for Grades 9-12

VCSCS 20-005 Updated Legislative Summary and Save the Dates

VCSCS 20-006 House Bill 256