CJSB Member Resources

The Criminal Justice Services Board (CJSB) is the policy board for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). It has 28 members who represent all aspects of the criminal justice system, both state and local, as well as the private security industry, the public-at-large and the General Assembly.

The Board is the approving authority for regulations DCJS promulgates pursuant to the Code of Virginia and the Administrative Process Act and it approves most of the grants DCJS awards to localities, state agencies and private non-profit organizations. We also provide guidance and feedback to DCJS in fulfilling its wide ranging responsibilities.

Below is a list of resources you may find helpful. Additional information can be found on our website. If you have any questions please contact Laureen Hyman at (804) 786-8718.

  1. CJSB Overview (hand-out)
  2. Membership and Committee List (hand-out)
  3. DCJS Overview (hand-out)
  4. DCJS Grant Process Overview (hand-out)
  5. DCJS Contact Informationk (hand-out)
  6. CJSB By-laws
  7. CJSB Past Meeting Minutes
  8. Code of Virginia, Title 9.1, Chapter 1
  9. Conflict of Interest Act
    1. OAG Knowledge Center for Training
    2. COIA Forms
  10. Freedom of Information act
  11. Access to Public Information
  12. Access to Public Meetings
  13. Guide to Electronic Meetings
  14. Email Use, Access and Retention
  15. Email and Meetings
  16. Quick FOIA Guide for Boards (hand-out)
  17. Virginia Regulatory Town Hall (for regulations and meeting information)
  18. Commonwealth Calendar (for meeting information)
  19. Parliamentary Procedures
  20. Direct Deposit Reimbursement Form (hand-out) (send to Laureen Hyman)
  21. State Reimbursement Form (hand-out)