I am a certified CSO, what should I do?

CSO certification is valid for 2 years. Within those 2 years, CSOs are required to receive 16 hours of campus security related training and have their point of contact submit an Application for Re-Certification and accompanying documentation to DCJS. Extensions may be granted for certain circumstances (see above). As a CSO, you will only be certified if you are employed by an institution. If you are not employed, you will be labeled as "suspended" until you are employed by another institution. CSOs can also be "decertified" by DCJS after receiving notification from the employing institution of the CSOs:

  • conviction, guilty plea, or no contest to a felony, or
  • failure to comply with training or recertification standards, or
  • refusal or failure of a drug test, or
  • failure to tell the truth, or
  • termination for cause.

A decertified CSO may appeal to DCJS, if written notice is received by the Director of DCJS within 30 days of decertification.