I didn't receive my renewal reminder/training letter/renewal application; can I get an extension?

No. Timely renewal of applications for licenses, registrations, and certifications are the responsibility of the individual businesses, training schools, instructors, compliance agents, and individual personnel. DCJS normally sends out a reminder as a courtesy to the last known mailing address or email address, but due to current technical difficulties the Department is unable to send individual reminders. The Department is working to address this issue. 

To ensure that you renew timely, remember the expiration date is listed directly on your credential, and it is your responsibility to submit for renewal 30 days in advance of the expiration.  Should you fail to renew prior to the expiration, you may apply for reinstatement during the immediate 60 days after your expiration date with the exception of firearm endorsement expirations which must be renewed by the expiration.  There are limited reasons in which an individual may request an extension, for more information on extensions, see the Extension FAQ.