I have completed entry-level training within the 90 days; turned in my fingerprint card; and submitted my fingerprint fee. However, I have not submitted my registration application. Can I continue working up to 120 days?

The current regulation [6 VAC 20-171-120.D] specifies that an individual seeking registration as an unarmed security officer, alarm respondent, central station dispatcher, electronic security sales representative, electronic security technician, or electronic security technician's assistant may be employed for a period not to exceed 90 consecutive days in any categories listed above while completing the compulsory minimum training standards, provided the individual is not employed in excess of 120 days without having been issued a registration form the DCJS.  In essence, you have 90 days to complete the required training and your temporary registration letter will allow you to continue to work, however, you must then be properly registered with a valid Photo ID card in hand, no later than the 120th day of beginning employment.