What are the steps that a recruit officer/deputy has to follow to be certified by DCJS?

  1. Be employed as an officer with a Virginia criminal justice agency under DCJS purview that has authority/ability to perform duties associated with the function.   (The agency is required to report to DCJS all officers assigned to specific functions through the records management system)
  2. Complete the Virginia compulsory minimum training standards in basic training through a DCJS certified criminal justice academy
  3. Successfully pass the law enforcement certification exam (for law enforcement certification only). (§ 15.2-1706)
  4. Complete field training requirements
    1. Law enforcement officers must complete at least 100 hours of field training in conjunction with answering calls for law enforcement service
    2. All compulsory minimum training standards to include field training must be completed within the 12 months training period from date of hire and reported to DCJS.