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Armed Security Officer - Courier

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, if it is required by your employer. The uniform must not contain the word "police" or any other word suggesting a law-enforcement officer; be worn while on duty; and include at least 1 insignia clearly identifying the name of the licensed firm, and a name plate or tape bearing, as a minimum, your last name, as described under 6 VAC 20-171-320.17 of the state regulations. 

Do registered armed security officers have arrest powers?

Yes, Title 9.1-146 of the Code of Virginia limits the power of arrest for an offense occurring in his presence on such premises or in the presence of a merchant, agent, or employee of the merchant the private security business has contracted to protect, if the merchant, agent, or employee had probable cause to believe that the person arrested had shoplifted or committed willful concealment of goods. 

What is a courier?

Any armed person who transports or offers to transport from one place to another documents or other papers, negotiable or nonnegotiable instruments, or other small items of value that require expeditious service. 

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