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Criminal History

I was not sent to jail so do I have a conviction on my record?

If you were arrested for a criminal offense and appeared in court, a decision was made as to your guilt or innocence. If you paid court cost, a fine or served community service and/or were sentenced to jail, you were convicted. Sometimes the court will defer judgment until you have completed some requirement and then dismiss the charge. If you are unsure whether you were convicted or not, you should list the charge and we will make a determination when the criminal history is returned. 

I was only convicted of a misdemeanor. Will DCJS deny my registration?

The Director of DCJS has established criminal history guidelines for the Private Security Services Section to use when reviewing criminal histories. The Code of Virginia requires denial of a license, registration or certification for specific violations listed under ยง9.1-139K of the Code. Should you be denied a license, registration or certification, you can appeal that denial by submitting a written request for an Informal Fact Finding Conference under the Administrative Process Act.  The letter of denial will explain how to submit this request.

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