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I didn't receive my renewal reminder/training letter/renewal application; can I get an extension?

No. Timely renewal of applications for licenses, registrations, and certifications are the responsibility of the individual businesses, training schools, instructors, compliance agents, and individual personnel, although DCJS sends out renewal reminders as a courtesy to the last known mailing address. 

What are the reasons an extension may be granted?

The following are the only circumstances for which extensions may be granted:

  • Extended illness;
  • Extended injury;
  • Military or foreign service; or
  • Any emergency temporary assignment of private security personnel for purposes of (i) natural disaster, (ii) homeland security or (iii) documented threat by the private security services business or training school for which the personnel is employed.

How can I request a renewal extension?

You must submit the extension request form. It must be received prior to the expiration date with official documentation (include a copy of the physician's record of the injury or illness or a copy of the government orders) justifying the reason for the request and a projected date when the individual, business, or training school will be in compliance. The private security services business, individual or school must be non-operational during the period of extension.

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