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Who is notified if I have a criminal history?

You are immediately notified of the results of the National Criminal History Search if a conviction is reported that would deny you eligibility for applying for a credential. This notification is delivered by mail to your last known mailing address.  If your private security services business employer is known, the compliance agent of that business is only notified that your application has been denied.

My fingerprints are already on file, but when I submitted a new application I was told to submit them again. Why do I need to send them in again?

Whenever you submit an initial application  for a credentialyou must submit for a new criminal history records search with a new fingerprint application, fingerprint cards and fee unless you submitted fingerprints within the previous 120 days. 

What does it mean when individual's fingerprints are found to be "unclassifiable"? What happens now?

When the fingerprints are submitted to the Virginia State Police (VSP), they determine if the prints are classifiable or unclassifiable. If they are classifiable, the criminal history is returned to the DCJS. If the fingerprints are unclassifiable, the VSP notifies the DCJS and the applicant is notified to submit another fingerprint card. The second submission is at no cost or penalty to the applicant if returned within 30 days.

For what reasons may DCJS deny a registration, license or certification?

The Criminal Justice Services Board, through DCJS, is obligated to secure the public safety and welfare against incompetent, unqualified, unscrupulous, or unfit persons engaging in the activities of private security services. An individual with a criminal history involving a conviction of a felony or certain misdemeanors may be denied licensure, registration or certification.

The business license application/training school certification application states that all principals and supervisors must submit fingerprints. Who are they?

  1. "Principal" means any sole proprietor, individual listed as an officer or director with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, board member of the association, or partner of a licensed firm or applicant for licensure.
  2. "Supervisor" means any natural person who directly or indirectly supervises registered or certified private security services business personnel.
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