Law Enforcement Decertification


This material will be updated periodically!


The Department of Criminal Justice Services has been developing processes to assist Virginia Law-Enforcement Agencies submit the necessary notification information and documentation to ensure that any suitable decertification concerns are addressed effectively, appropriately, and fairly in accordance with the recently enacted updates to Virginia Code 15.2-1707.

Code of Virginia: 15.2-1707. Decertification of law-enforcement officers.

Please direct questions or notifications to the following email address:

Additionally, DCJS has developed a “Request for Decertification” (Form DC-1) questionnaire to assist agencies in providing the necessary notification and information to determine the suitability of a submission for decertification.

Please email the completed questionnaire to:


Statewide Standards of Conduct

The Statewide Standards of Conduct are under development. As a part of enacting Senate Bill 5030, the General Assembly mandated that DCJS constitute a working group to assist with the development process. 

UPDATE: October 1, 2021

A selection committee assembled by DCJS identified participants from across Virginia to serve on the Statewide Standards of Conduct work group, which will advise and assist DCJS in developing and recommending to the Criminal Justice Services Board (CJSB) standards of conduct for law-enforcement and jail officers that will apply statewide. The advisory work group is comprised of 27 participants, selected from over 150 submitted applicants to represent the General Assembly-mandated categories consisting of “crime victims, people directly impacted by the criminal justice system, people representative of communities disproportionately represented among persons incarcerated in Virginia jails and prisons, civil rights advocates, mental health advocates, defense counsel, and people employed in the criminal justice system, including police officials, sheriffs, attorneys for the Commonwealth, the judiciary, and correctional and rehabilitative agencies”. Work group participants represent the diversity of the Commonwealth, including the perspectives of urban and rural communities. 

DCJS wishes to thank all those who submitted letters of interest to participate in this project. 

After notification and confirmation of participation, the selected participants met for the first time through a virtual meeting (via Zoom) on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. This first meeting served to introduce the work group participants to one another and the public. The work group will meet several more times through the end of the calendar year, with the goal of presenting proposed standards to the CJSB at its December 2021 meeting.

The agenda, draft minutes, and video of the first meeting will be linked to this webpage. Anyone interested in staying up-to-date on the activities of the work group may follow its progress on Virginia Town Hall at, where there will be opportunity for public comment. Future meeting information will be posted on Town Hall as well.

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Law Enforcement Division

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services