Download the T-REX User Guide

Hiring, training, certification, promotions, name changes, job changes, retirement and more - T-REX keeps track of it all. The T-REX Online System is the automated records system utilized by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to track criminal justice personnel employed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Agencies begin the process locally by entering new hires and are able to periodically update the records of their employees (e.g. name changes, change in functions, ranks, and separations from their agencies). Simple forms are completed to accomplish this. A reports feature allows agencies to review their Employees Lists periodically to check for accuracy of any information entered regarding their employees. The information entered into T-REX locally is also imported to the state database so that statewide information is available as well as providing a back-up to local agencies.

Training information is imported to T-REX to monitor compliance with training requirements by criminal justice personnel. This enables the Department to inform agencies of criminal justice personnel who might become delinquent in the completion of their training and to ensure that criminal justice personnel are in compliance with their mandatory training requirements as required by the Code of Virginia.

The T-REX Online System is secure to prevent unauthorized data entry. If your agency does not currently have access to T-REX, simply complete the "Confidential Information Agreement" found on page 3 of the T-REX User Guide and follow the instructions for submitting it. You may download the guide here.

Installing T-REX

Click here to install T-REX. T-REX should ask you if you want to install shortcut icons on the desktop and/or start menu after running it the first or second time. Please accept the shortcut creation to make it easier to start T-REX the next time. If you need any assistance please see the contact information below.

Contact Information

Lisa Thornton
(phone) 804.786.4154 
(fax) 804.786.0410 
email Lisa

Amy Sink 
(phone) 804.786.7898 
(fax) 804.786.0410
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