These fees reflect the costs of handling, issuance, and production associated with administering and processing applications for licensing, registration, certification and other administrative requests for services relating to programs regulated by the Private Security Services Section. 

All fees are listed on each application. Go to the Forms & Applications page to view and/or download the applications.  In addition a full schedule of fees is available in the regulations 6VAC20-171-20.

For any Private Security or SCOP programs, a reinstatement fee must be submitted for renewal applications receivedwithin 60 days after a license, registration or certification has expired. The reinstatement fee is 50% above and beyond the renewal fee and must be submitted with all appropriate paperwork before your renewal will be issued.   Bail Bondsmen and Bail Enforcement Agents do not have provisions for reinstatement.

DCJS may suspend the registration, license, certification, or authority it has granted any person, licensee or registrant.

No licenses, certifications or registrations will be issued until all outstanding fees or monetary penalties owed to DCJS are paid in full. 

No. Applications and/or documentation received without proper fees cannot be processed and will be returned.