Tow Truck Drivers

Apply for a Tow Truck Driver Registration through our online application portal.  The total cost for the online application portion is $112. Once the online application is completed, you will receive instructions on how to have your fingerprints scanned through Fieldprint to complete the criminal background check.

Submission of an application does not grant authority to drive a tow truck.  Tow truck drivers are required to have their tow truck driver registration document in their possession when driving a tow truck.  

Once DCJS receives a completed application, we have to await the results of the Federal criminal history check before making a licensing decision. This can take up to 60 days.

If your registration has expired, you must submit an Initial Application to obtain a new Tow Truck Driver Registration.

Checks and money orders are not accepted.  A credit card may be used for the bulk processing of payments for multiple applicants. 

The criminal history background check process is handled through the Virginia State Police and FBI using your fingerprints. In compliance with state and federal guidelines, fingerprints must be destroyed after processed.

As of October 1, 2018, DCJS no longer accepts paper applications. Applications must be submitted through the online application portal

A delay in processing may result from submitting an incomplete application or if the applicant delays getting their fingerprints submitted through Fieldprint. If the applicant completed their fingerprints at Fieldprint prior to submitting their online application, they must contact DCJS to move their application forward.

Persons that have been convicted of a felony are not automatically denied a Tow Truck Driver registration.  To review the criminal history background check requirements, please visit Section 17.1-805.C. of the Code of Virginia utilizing this link.

Changing an address or requesting a duplicate registration can be done by logging into your online account.  A change of address should be submitted within ten days of your change of address.  This assists us in our communications with applicants and registrants.

No.  All registration and form fees are nonrefundable.