Training Director

A person designated by a principal of a certified private security services training school to assure the compliance of the private security services training school with all applicable requirements as provided in the Code of Virginia and the state regulations.

A certified instructor designated by a private security training school director to submit training school session notifications and training rosters and perform administrative duties in lieu of the director. 

You must be certified as an instructor and designated by an owner or principal of the certified training school. Currently, there is no certification as training director or assistant training director. 

Yes. You must have a certification as an instructor and work for a certified private security services school in order to instruct private security services regulated subjects or perform the functions of a school director. 

Yes. You must have a current, valid certification as an instructor, which requires ongoing training. At this time, there is no additional training required for a school director designation. 

Yes. The training director must be currently certified as an instructor even if he/she does not provide instruction. 

No, but you are not restricted from providing training for more than one certified training school as an instructor.