Exclusively owned or private. For example: Kings Dominion Amusement Park employs personnel for their security needs. Kings Dominion is a proprietary business and their security employees are "in-house" proprietary security personnel. Additionally, "loss prevention" or "assets protection" for stores such as Kmart or Target are individuals employed by the company and therefore are not required to be registered with DCJS. 

"Private security services business" means any person engaged in the business of providing, or who undertakes to provide, armored car personnel, security officers, personal protection specialists, private investigators, couriers, security canine handlers, security canine teams, detector canine handlers, detector canine teams, alarm respondents, locksmiths, central station dispatchers, electronic security employees, electronic security sales representatives or electronic security technicians and their assistants to another person under contract, express or implied.

If your business cannot provide all security services requested by your client, you may subcontract those services to another licensed private security services business. If you choose to do this, keep in mind that a 1099 cannot be issued to the subcontractor. 

You may apply for registration in as many categories as you wish provided you have completed the necessary training for each category. Your application cannot be processed until all training requirements for each category marked has been completed. 

Yes. You must submit the Additional Registration Category Application on-line at, pay the appropriate fee, and complete all required training. This will NOT change the expiration date of your current registration. For example: if your registration expires in four months and you recently completed training for a new category and submit the application, your new category will expire on the same day as your current registration card, or four months from now.

There is no additional charge for adding or dropping categories on your renewal application at time of renewal.

Currently the only reciprocity agreement that is available is for private investigators. The states that qualify are North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Florida. It only applies if an investigation originates in the investigator's home state and carries over to one of the agreement states. That allows the investigator to enter the reciprocity state to pursue the investigation for a period of 30 days. If an investigation should take longer than the 30 days allotted, DCJS must be notified.

Some private security credentials require the submittal of official documentation for the purpose of eligibility.  This refers to personnel records; DD214; copies of business licenses indicating ownership; law enforcement transcripts; certificates of training completion; a signed letter provided directly by a current/previous employer detailing dates of employment and job duties; college transcripts; letters of commendation; private security services registrations; certifications, and/or licenses from other states; and/or other employment, training, or experience verification documents. A resume is not considered official documentation.


The purpose is to secure the public safety and welfare against incompetent, unqualified, unscrupulous or unfit persons engaging in private security services. 

Visit our website to view our searchable database of training schools. 

Visit our website to view our searchable database of current licensed businesses. 

No. DCJS does not accept paper applications. You must submit application and payment online and upload required documentations if applicable.

The individual registration will expire and you must complete all initial application requirements. This includes submittal of a new registration application, entry-level training requirements, Criminal History Processing form and required fees.

If adding a firearm endorsement to your current registration, you must submit an on-line Firearm Endorsement Application at and pay the appropriate fee. Firearm endorsements expire annually on the same month as the registration. If your registration has been issued for two years expiring in the month of December, the firearm endorsement will expire in December annually even if it was added only 4 months prior to that date.

You will receive a Temporary Registration Letter for emailed or mailed to you.  Once your criminal history background check is approved, your DMV Wallet Card will print and it will take about 7-14 business days to receive it.

Please visit or call 877-614-4364 to make an appointment to be fingerprinted for a Criminal History records check.