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Firearms Endorsement

The requirements can be found in 6VAC20-174-60 of the Regulations. Firearms endorsements must be renewed annually. In order to renew, individuals must complete firearms retraining within the 90 days prior to the expiration of their current firearm endorsement.

Applications for renewal should be submitted on-line at least 30 days prior to expiration.


Submit to the Department

  1. Complete the on-line Firearms Endorsement Application and applicable non-refundable fee after logging into or creating an account at The same application is submitted for both initial and renewal endorsements.
  2. Completion of required training for each type of action and caliber to which the individual has access. Initial endorsement applicants must complete the appropriate entry-level course and renewal endorsement applicants must complete the appropriate retraining course.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Training schools will submit the roster to DCJS, do not send DCJS your training completion forms.
  4. Firearms endorsements must be applied for annually and retraining must be completed each year.
    • Complete this on-line application and the necessary training if you carry or have immediate access to a firearm in the performance of your duties.