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Subject Matter Specialist/Guest Lecturer

The requirements can be found in 6VAC20-173-160 of the Regulations.

Authorization is good for 24 months.

PLEASE NOTE: An individual cannot apply to be a subject matter specialist or guest lecturer. The training director of a certified school must be the one who requests to have a subject matter specialist or guest lecturer.

Submit to the Department

  1. Subject matter specialist/guest lecturer application (PSS_SMS);
  2. Documentation of the individual’s qualifications to instruct in the requested subject matter;
  3. Request must specifically outline the requested subject matter.

Important Information

  1. You must receive written authorization, in the form of a letter signed by the Training Specialist, prior to allowing the individual to instruct.
  2. The individual cannot teach an entire entry-level course.
  3. A certified instructor must be present during a guest lecturer’s presentation.
  4. If the individual will be conducting an entire in-service course, a certified instructor must sign off on the roster and take responsibility for the course.