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Building Gun Violence Prevention Framework: City of Roanoke

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is pleased to announce the "Building Community Violence Intervention Framework: City of Roanoke" webinar. This webinar will be presented by members of the Roanoke City's Gun Violence Taskforce.  Gun Violence has taken a heavy toll on many lives across the Commonwealth, leaving a lasting impact on our most vulnerable communities. As cities and towns come together to address this issue, many have adopted the community building framework supported by evidence based programming or promising practices that have been proven effective in reducing gun violence.

The City of Roanoke began their work in the summer of 2019, building a structured community-based intervention and prevention model to avert interpersonal violence by working with a range of community stakeholders to provide needed support to local law enforcement. This webinar will provide an in depth look at building a local gun violence prevention framework, along with bridging and enhancing community partnerships, developing a local strategic plan and leveraging state funding to support program implementation.

Who should attend?

This training is open to law enforcement officers, grassroots community organizations, local human services agencies, probation and parole officers, prosecutors and defense attorneys, local school districts, arts and cultural organizations, mental health and health care providers

Cost and Registration

This training webinar is free. Participants need to register in advance for the training. Please click on the registration button above to register.

For More information Contact:

Greg Hopkins

Juvenile Justice Program Coordinator

(804) 692-0977